Wellness Is Waiting


Excess fat hits more than just your waistband – life expectancy, medical expenses, productivity, mobility, and self-confidence are all affected.  Luckily, the path to better health is straightforward and simple: eat smart, get active, perform at your peak, and stay accountable.


HEALTH AND FITNESS mean so much more than fitting into your skinny jeans or beating your personal running time.  True wellness means a life unfettered by weight and illness.  It means enjoying your golden years.  It means more meaningful years with your family.  It means being active in your grandchildren’s lives – and even your great-grandchildren’s lives.  Wellness is so much more than a number on a scale.  It’s living a life full of vitality and loving it.

Not long after starting your journey, it’s easy to look around and feel like you haven’t made much progress, but that’s not true.

Every step you take brings you closer to your goals, but remember that it may take a while.  It’s about progress, not perfection.  Don’t focus on the final outcome.  Instead, pay attention to the progress you are making.  Don’t judge yourself by numbers, but by behaviors.  Every day that you make an effort toward living a better life is a day worth celebrating.  Because you’re one day closer to reaching your goals.


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